About us

Hello... I am the grandson of Ioannis Pantelis Taifalos, born and bread in Silkwood and Kurrimine beach in Far North Queensland. I first started researching the meaning of the Taifalos name and family origins in 2007 and had spent many nights pondering through google. I stumbled across a website called ozgenealogy and discovered that the author of the site was actually a long distant cousin. Continuing my search I kept remembering what my uncles and aunties had said to me when I was very young. That generations back when the Taifalos family was living in Greece, the family was so large that they occupied an entire village. I found this somewhat very hard to fathom and this seemed to bother me for many years. I needed more answers..... So I started looking and searching the web for clues. One night during my search I discovered the Taifalos name hidden in a sea of pages written in foreign languages.. Latin, German, French published in 1598......?? What are they talking about? Thank goodness for Google Translator... 

During my research I have also did many searches for a family crest or coat of arms for the Taifalos name and soon found that there is not any recognised family crest associated to the name. This was somewhat disappointing as I had always wanted to believe the name may have had some kind of meaning or history associated. My research has led me to find that there is indeed an ancient shield linked to this unique name. Since discovering the origin of the Taifalos name and knowing how large and spread out the Taifalos family is today, I decided to build this website to help descendants of the Taifalos family remember their beginnings... I have also created some products on the memorabilia page as a tribute to the early European people known as the Taifalos..

If you have any information or photos of the Taifalos brothers and sisters that migrated to Australia or would like to contribute information, you can do so by contacting the taifalos.com team via the Contact  page.  

As this site is an ongoing project please check back from time to time to see new updates and memorabilia items.

Thank You.