Arrival in Australia

Around 1912 a group of young brothers arrived on a ship at the port of Freemantle in Western Australia. They soon found work in the mines and not long after they decided to head to Darwin to work on the railway lines between Darwin and Katherine. While one brother decided to stay in Darwin the other brothers eventually moved on and eventually settled in Far North Queensland in a small sugar cane town called Silkwood. They quickly took ownership of their new country and established a new way of life becoming fishermen and growing sugar cane. The Taifalos brothers held great pride in their Greek heritage and this played an important role as pioneers taking part in establishing one of the first Greek Orthodox churches in Queensland. The brothers were George, Mihelis, Ioannis, Spiros and Savas. There were also three sisters by the name of Maria, Evangelia and Eleni. Their father and mother's names were Pantelis and Theofania Taifalos.

Triple Taifalos Wedding in Silkwood
Triple Taifalos Wedding in Silkwood, North Queensland, Australia - April, 1925